About the guy

I’m not 100% certain what to write here as I can’t imagine anyone would find this interesting enough to read. I think probably the easiest thing to do would be to have a quick run-through of some things I’ve done in my life, some things I’ve wanted to do in my life, and why I love games so much.


That’s a photo of me as a child. I was probably around that age when I picked up my first gameboy or playstation controller. Since then, I’ve played a lot of games and I’ve wanted to do a lot with my life. To try and keep this short, I’ll just list a few of my dream jobs:

  • Ambulance
  • Dog
  • Comic Book Illustrator
  • Actor
  • Chef
  • Dog Handler
  • Dog Rescuer
  • Dog
  • Games Designer
  • Games Journalist

I have actually been a chef for several years, but in the last couple of years made the transfer into various offices so I could retain some kind of social life. I currently work in the cutthroat Transport industry, and get to shout at truck drivers all day. I have never been an ambulance or a dog, to the best of my knowledge. I did also study Games Design for a couple of years, but the financial hole I dug myself in was too steep to maintain.


That incredibly handsome man eating a sizeable breakfast is my dad. For better or worse, he’s the reason that I’m the way I am. It’s definitely his fault that I love games so much, to say the least. I couldn’t even try to remember what the first game we played together was since it was two decades ago. One thing I can say is that World of Warcraft has played a massive part in my relationship with my old man.


I play a whole lot of games. Spent my childhood curled up with a GameBoy. Grew up playing XBOX, GameCube and Playstation. Owned every console since, and definitely grew to love PC gaming as I’ve aged. I play games for ten hours at a time on my own, I play games laughing with my girlfriend, I play games screaming down the microphone at my friends. I find it strange when people ask ‘do you have any hobbies’ and my answer is to pause, run through a massive list of games in my head, and answer ‘not really’. Gaming is now thankfully an acceptable answer to that question, and yet I can never bring myself to give it. Maybe it’s something more than a hobby. Please read my stuff and ask me to write for you.