Before we all get a little too excited, let me take a note of the main facts so far as Bethesda have confirmed them.

  • Fallout 76 B.E.T.A (As it has been stylised) will be open ONLY to those who have pre-ordered the game at ‘participating retailers’.
  • B.E.T.A access will be opened on multiple platforms, beginning with Xbox One. It has not yet been confirmed how much later it will become available for other platforms.
  • B.E.T.A testers will need to create an account and then redeem a code at – the code can be found within your pre-order receipt emails.

As said in the title, B.E.T.A will open in October 2018. The cynic in me (read: the cynic that IS me) is worried about the timing of this beta. The game is scheduled for full release mid-November, and in this author’s eyes a single month is not long enough to implement any changes brought about by Beta testing. At best, a pile of issues will carry through to release and require patching. At worst, the game will be delayed until Q1 of 2019.

Please do excuse my mobile screenshot. I’m still on vacation.

However if I were to bury the cynic (Which I have tried and failed many a time prior) I am excited to participate. Bethesda do promise that everyone who pre-orders the game will be invited to the B.E.T.A, although platforms, regions etc. Are all subject to their whims. There’s also a disturbing section in their FAQ that reads ‘This information is subject to change with no notice’. It just mana to flick that dim lightbulb of anxiety in my brain which makes me feel like it is, despite my optimism, all too good to be true.

Despite all my omnipresent worries and concerns, I will of course be pre-ordered the game when I return home next week. I’ve been a fan the series since Fallout 3, and a devoted Bethesda fanboy since the days of Morrowind (I know to the older reader, that may not seem long at all. I’m sorry to disappoint). I tend to avoid Beta testing for games so as to not ruin them for myself but for some niggling reason… I just can’t help it.

Excited to see what other information comes out of Bethesda’s QuakeCon panel this year.

Until next time.