What I reckon: Rimworld

Great pioneers like Christopher Columbus and Elon Musk really don’t get enough credit for what they do. As it transpires, colonizing isn’t as much of a walk in the park as you’d think. There is a lot of walking involved, but it’s usually hauling stuff somewhere, chasing down tonight’s dinner or often just plain fleeing […]

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What I reckon: Reigns

  This seemingly simple casual game is to strategy what Tinder is to dating. On the surface, it’s entirely binary and shallow. Trying to balance several factors and rule your kingdom as long as you can is as easy as swiping left or right. It’s frustrating, satisfying, confusing, entertaining and most importantly; an easy way […]

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Reviewed: Stonehearth

Original article publish on http://www.oldgrizzledgamers.com Stonehearth caught my eye when it first launched on Kickstarter five years ago. It caught my eye again last week, when Radiant Entertainment finally released their charming city-builder and a five year old switch flicked in my head. It was time to cash in on the fifteen english pounds I’d pledged […]

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Reviewed: Deiland

Original article published on http://www.oldgrizzledgamers.com When you were a child, did you ever sit and wish you lived on your own little planet, free from the tyranny of parents? You did? Fair enough. Did that dream scenario also include daily visits from three strange adults who set you chores, such as building fences or catching […]

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EGX 2018: Highlights

Eurogamer Expo 2018, Birmingham NEC     There were an awful lot of games to be played at this year’s EGX. In between those, the rezzed sessions, the live sessions, the dozens of merch stands and a great Cosplay contest, it has been a great event. I wish I’d had a chance to play more, but […]

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Old Soldier

If you haven’t watched the cinematic I’m about to discuss, then click here.   What does it all mean? In the wake of one of the most devastating and controversial events in the game’s 14 year history, this cinematic was exactly what the gaming community needed. It demonstrates that which I most love about the […]

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Hearthstone by the beach

It’s rare for me to enjoy so much something at which I am so dreadful As my friends and Twitter associates may know, I am on vacation in Turkey at the moment. So far I’ve spent 8 days here, 2300 miles from the comfort of my own home, my girlfriend, and my PC. Granted, it’s […]

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Fallout 76 Beta opens in October

Before we all get a little too excited, let me take a note of the main facts so far as Bethesda have confirmed them. Fallout 76 B.E.T.A (As it has been stylised) will be open ONLY to those who have pre-ordered the game at ‘participating retailers’. B.E.T.A access will be opened on multiple platforms, beginning […]

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Games Industry: Battle Royale

  It’s happening again. Just like when, many years ago, Call of Duty released a zombie game mode. Everybody cottoned on that this was an inherently brilliant idea that worked well in the game and as such, must immediately be implemented into every game ever made from then on. The format is simple, really. Zombies […]

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